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Dyslexia and ESL

Dyslexia and ESL

by JesseVos Voss -
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 I work occasionally for Education National in France most of my work is with individuals or small groups. This year I've been asked to teach reading which I mentioned in another thread and also to teach English to a 12 year old French boy, or rather to support the English he's learning at school. I'm interested in learning about how to help dyslexic children anyway but the fact that this is ESL will make it more interesting and challenging. I've been researching courses and methods through the holidays but most courses are too expensive and, of course, I can't absent myself for too long or I'll lose all my pupils! So, I have two questions/requests. Has anyone out there gone the same route and what materials did you find useful? I've been looking especially at the Orton-Gillingham method which seems popular in the States but isn't mentioned on British sites. And, secondly, there is a distance learning course called Dyslexia Teaching Certificate which looks promising but how can I tell if it's for real? 

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.